EZ-Link Rewards Program

Nowadays everything also have rewards and loyalty program.

If you’re using EZ-Link for your public transports, then I would suggest you to maximise the benifits of using EZ-Link.

I believe, you know what is EZ-Link card. Beside, using for public transport, you can use EZ-Link card at F&B outlets, shopping and retails, leisure & entertainment, Government services and many others. Check-out the Where to Use Your ez-link card page.

I. Free Card Protection Service
Did you know that you can sign-up for lost card coverage program when you lose your EZ-Link card?

Click to register ACTIVATE! Programme.


Three main benifits of ACTIVATE!:
1. Free card blocking service should you lose your EZ-Link card
2. Tracking of card transaction history
3. Free lost card coverage program which protects you for up to S$15 should there be unauthorized usage of the EZ-Link card after you have reported it lost.

II. EZ-Link Rewards with Perx!
Did you know that you can earn rewards by travelling with your ez-link card? You can earn points for every ride you make and redeem various rewards with your points collected.

The Perx program rewards commuters using EZ-Link card for making trips on public transport. You may earns 25 points or 50 points depening which type of card used.

For example,
25 points per trip will be awarded to a normal adult EZ-Link card, while 50 points per trip will be awarded to a PAssion-EZ Link card.

So, best is to register co-brand EZ-Link card, such as bank issued credit/debit card with EZ-Link fucntion.

This step is quite easy.
1. Download Perx app from App Store or Google Play store.
2. Link your EZ-Link card to the Perx app.

What can I used Perx points for?
You can redeem Perx points for free stuff, discount voucher, lucky draw. More details can be found on the Perx site and mobile app.

III. Earn cash with Travel Smart Rewards (TSR)
TSR is an incentive programme by the Land Transport Authority. TSR encourages commuters to shift their commute outside of the morning peak period based on the personalised travel planner messages.

You can earn TSR points for all your travels on the MRT/LRT on weekdays. Each trip can earn you 10 TSR points as a General TSR user and 15 TSR points as a Corporate-Tier TSR.

No points will be given for travels on buses. Travel on MRT/LRT on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will not get TSR points too.

Signup to get 250 bonus points now: Travel Smart Rewards

What are the TSR points used for?
The conversion rate for cash payout is every 1,000 TSR points to SGD$1.
Assuming a commuter is taking 2 MRT trips on a working days.
To get $1 cash back:
General TSR user will need to make 100 MRT/LRT trips (1000/10), that’s 50 days to earn $1.
Corporate-Tier TSR user will need to travel 67 trips (1000/15), which is about 34 working days to get back $1.

My comment:
I think this ACTIVATE! program is a good initialive from EZ-Link, but Perx and TSR is not really attrative to me.
Anyway, just make one-time effort to sign-up Perx and TSR. It’s an effort-less to earn a very small cash back.

So far, I have 71K Perx points, but have no ideas what to do with it.

On 22 Apr 2017, I joined TSR as Corporate-Tier user.
As of 12 June 2017, I’ve clocked 2540 TSR points (worth $2.54).

Aiyah, barely enought to buy 2 cups of kopi from coffee shop. 


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