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The Amex CapitaCard

Earn an additional welcome bonus of 20,000 STAR$® (worth S$20 CapitaVoucher) only through this Referral Programme when you spend a minimum of S$50 in the first 3 months upon Card approval.

Starting 1st October 2017, earn 60,000 STAR$® (worth S$60 CapitaVoucher) when you spend S$888 within the first 6 months of Card Membership.

Yes, click this link to apply for Amex CapitaCard to get this special offer.

More on the mall reward program, read this post!

Citi Credit Card Spend and Get Promotion

Recently, I received a confirmation SMS from Citibank on the Credit Card Spend and Get Promotion.

My qualification period is begin from 01 Sept 2017 to 28 Feb 2018

Basic Terms and Conditions
1. Spend S$200 and above on retail transactions (including internet purchases) every month and receive S$20 cash back per calendar month.

These transaction excludes:
(i) any Equal Payment Plan (EPP) purchases
(ii) refunded/ disputed/ unauthorized/ fraudulent retail purchases,
(iii) Quick Cash/Ready Credit PayLite and other installment loans,
(iv) Paywise/ cash advance/quasi-cash transactions/ balance transfers/ annual card membership fees/interest/goods and services taxes,
(v) bill payments made using the Eligible Card as a source of funds,
(vi) late payment fees and
(vii) any other form of service/ miscellaneous fees.

2. The $20 cash back will be credited by the end of the 2nd calendar month.

Citi Credit Card Spend and Get Promotion

3. The cash back credited cannot be used for:
(i) cannot be used to offset against any minimum payment due
(ii) cannot be withdrawn from the Citi Credit Card account in cash.

4. A cardmember will receive S$20 cash back for 6 consecutive months up to S$120 cash back.

Citi Credit Card On-line Acquisition Promotion July 2017- June 2018 (“Promotion”) Terms and Conditions

My comments
(1) Do not spend unnecessary because of a cash back promotion
(2) 10% cash back is a good deal but remember rule (1)
(3) If you plan to make big purchases, do spread out the spending across 6-month period.

StocksCafe Your Best Online Tools To Track Your Investments

Someone introduced me to StocksCafe (formerly known a SGXcafe).

StocksCafe is created and maintenance by Evan Koh, a Data Science.

Before SGXcafe, I was using a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of my SGX stock investments.
I have to update every single transaction manually into the Spreadsheet, like dividens, buy, sell, split, which very time consuming and error-prone.

Since I have started using StocksCafe, all I need to do is to add Buy or Sell transaction. StocksCafe will include dividend amount, dividend yield automatically into my portfolio.

Features in StocksCafe I like most are:
Portfolio Overview – At once glance, this page give me an overview of my portfolio current performance. Key fields is P&L, DIV%.

Portfolio Profile – Mostly, I am looking at P/E, ROE%

iAssist – One of the frequent screen I used is to check how diversifying of my investment

Stock Profile – I like how he presented the stock data on to the screen. Very organised and easy to navigate. For example: STI ETF

StocksCafe do have a few nice and useful tools, Screener and Retirement simulator.

StocksCafe not only support SGX, you can use it to manage stocks on HKEX and KLSE too.

Lastly, do support by become Friends of StocksCafe.

FWD endowment plan

I come across FWD endowment plan ads placed on The Straits Times this Sunday morning (20/08/2017).

Usually, I don’t encourage to purchase investment-linked endowment plan, but this endowment plan from FWD is a low cost and basic endowment plan that anticipated future growth.

Features of this plan
1) Guaranteed returns of 2.02% per annum
2) Maximum of S$15,000 per person
3) Lock-down for 3 years
4) The capital is 100% guaranteed

FWD endowment plan 2.02% p.a

After reading the information online, I decided to park $15,000 into this plan.
1) There is no better fixed deposit rate higher than 2.02% p.a. By end of 3 year, eg: 20/08/2020, I’ll get back $15,927.

2) The capital is 100% guaranteed and protected under SDIC’s Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme

3) Come with limited death benefit coverage

1) I was looking for bigger capital amount to start but FWD only accept maximum of S$15,000 per person.

2) The break even point is on the 29th month. So, only invest or lock down your fund if you do not have any financial commintment in the next 36 months, for example: wedding, housing, etc.
FWD endowment plan surrender value

3) Will interest rate rise within the next 3 years?

This promotion is available until 21 August 2017

Get $100 off from $200 spend on RedMart

Big lobang from RedMart!

Up to $100 off, spread over your first 4 RedMart orders each above $50.
Which means that spend $200 to get $100 discount.

How it works:
Step 1: Only for first time customer at RedMart.
Step 2: Place an order of $50 or more with your $25 discount applied
Step 3: Receive your order and unlock your next discount

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you reach 4 orders to enjoy $100 off!
You must place all 4 orders within 90 days of your 1st to enjoy this promotion.

RedMart $100 off

Remember to read the T&C.

Links: Get $100 off for first 4 orders from RedMart

EZ-Link Rewards Program

Nowadays everything also have rewards and loyalty program.

If you’re using EZ-Link for your public transports, then I would suggest you to maximise the benifits of using EZ-Link.

I believe, you know what is EZ-Link card. Beside, using for public transport, you can use EZ-Link card at F&B outlets, shopping and retails, leisure & entertainment, Government services and many others. Check-out the Where to Use Your ez-link card page.

I. Free Card Protection Service
Did you know that you can sign-up for lost card coverage program when you lose your EZ-Link card?

Click to register ACTIVATE! Programme.


Three main benifits of ACTIVATE!:
1. Free card blocking service should you lose your EZ-Link card
2. Tracking of card transaction history
3. Free lost card coverage program which protects you for up to S$15 should there be unauthorized usage of the EZ-Link card after you have reported it lost.

II. EZ-Link Rewards with Perx!
Did you know that you can earn rewards by travelling with your ez-link card? You can earn points for every ride you make and redeem various rewards with your points collected.

The Perx program rewards commuters using EZ-Link card for making trips on public transport. You may earns 25 points or 50 points depening which type of card used.

For example,
25 points per trip will be awarded to a normal adult EZ-Link card, while 50 points per trip will be awarded to a PAssion-EZ Link card.

So, best is to register co-brand EZ-Link card, such as bank issued credit/debit card with EZ-Link fucntion.

This step is quite easy.
1. Download Perx app from App Store or Google Play store.
2. Link your EZ-Link card to the Perx app.

What can I used Perx points for?
You can redeem Perx points for free stuff, discount voucher, lucky draw. More details can be found on the Perx site and mobile app.

III. Earn cash with Travel Smart Rewards (TSR)
TSR is an incentive programme by the Land Transport Authority. TSR encourages commuters to shift their commute outside of the morning peak period based on the personalised travel planner messages.

You can earn TSR points for all your travels on the MRT/LRT on weekdays. Each trip can earn you 10 TSR points as a General TSR user and 15 TSR points as a Corporate-Tier TSR.

No points will be given for travels on buses. Travel on MRT/LRT on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will not get TSR points too.

Signup to get 250 bonus points now: Travel Smart Rewards

What are the TSR points used for?
The conversion rate for cash payout is every 1,000 TSR points to SGD$1.
Assuming a commuter is taking 2 MRT trips on a working days.
To get $1 cash back:
General TSR user will need to make 100 MRT/LRT trips (1000/10), that’s 50 days to earn $1.
Corporate-Tier TSR user will need to travel 67 trips (1000/15), which is about 34 working days to get back $1.

My comment:
I think this ACTIVATE! program is a good initialive from EZ-Link, but Perx and TSR is not really attrative to me.
Anyway, just make one-time effort to sign-up Perx and TSR. It’s an effort-less to earn a very small cash back.

So far, I have 71K Perx points, but have no ideas what to do with it.

On 22 Apr 2017, I joined TSR as Corporate-Tier user.
As of 12 June 2017, I’ve clocked 2540 TSR points (worth $2.54).

Aiyah, barely enought to buy 2 cups of kopi from coffee shop.