How to terminate RegionUP account ?

I have been receiving weekly email from RegionUP to upgrade to Premium Access for 7 days Free! But thereafter, need to pay $20.75/month for 12 months to access to view and reply message, view full job description and apply for jobs!

I am totally disagreed to charge the job seeker for access to jobs and employers!

If you wish to quit RegionUP, go to the cancellation page

Goto this URL and scroll down util you see this

Select the Reason for Terminating RegionUP Account and told them Your RegionUP Experience

Are you sure you want to quit RegionUP? – Select Complete Removal !

Until you get the message “Your account has been deleted.”

5 Golden Rules for a better resume

5 Gold Rules for a better resume

1.) State the obvious up front.
Your opening Summary/Professional Profile must clearly tell the reader what type of position you are qualified for. Make sure to give a clear, concise introductory sentence telling the reader what type of professional you are.

2.) Do not use Objective.
From hiring managers and recruiters, this information is not important. Instead, replace this content with a Summary or Professional Profile as stated above.

3.) Remove excessive symbols.
Please, keep it clean and easy to read. Choose a simple bullet point circle and avoid other unnecessary marks throughout your resume.

4.) Dog Lover.
Unless you’re applying for a position as a veterinarian, leave off your personal interests and hobbies unless they have some relation with the position you’re applying for.

5.) References Available Upon Request.
Once again, not necessary as the recruiter will ask for references much later in the application process if they first find you qualified for the position and are being considered for an offer.

Secret of Internet millionaires by Stuart Tan

Secret of Internet millionaires by Stuart Tan

Secret of Internet millionaires by Stuart Tan

ISBN : 9789810581947

Since the advent of the disaster, many people have erroneously shunned from internet and online streams of income. Many have also mistakenly looked upon online businesses as passé or illegal.

Are YOU making this mistake?

The trust is some of the largest companies in the world make their money solely through internet income. Many utilize and dominate the Internet as the new medium to reach out to and connect with their market. Finally, you can realize the dream of achieving wealth right in the comfort of your own home, by first building a strong foundation through this simple guide book.

In this book, you can discover:

How online millionaires make their income … working 16 hours a week
A step-by-step process of building your online business
How to set up a website in less than a day… with no professional assistance
How to get people visiting your website … and buying from you
Why intellectual property is the next big thing for businesses everywhere
How anybody can create valuable intellectual property…. Even if you have no expertise yourself
How a popular hobby called “blogging” turned three astute individuals into internet millionaires within a year
Through interviews with the mega-earning online entrepreneurs from all over the world, you too, can now unleash your internet business genius and open your mind for more possibilities all over the world.